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Nice, but...

Mar 1, 2008 at 7:36 PM
Would it be possible for you guys to create more examples? Some of the controls I have no idea what they do or how to use them.

For example, what is the Discover control? I dropped it on a form, but I can't figure out what I can do with it or what it does. I tried to drop a button on it and it threw an exception. I dropped one of your "CustomButton" controls on it and it disappeared.

Does it eat controls? Or does it do something else?

What's a widget panel? How is it different from a regular panel?

I've managed to figure out the code editor enough for now, but again, samples and/or documentation would be nice.

Just a few simple forms with examples of the various controls would probably be enough to make sense of what the framework has to offer, but without it, it requires a lot of screwing around, head scratching, and frustration.


Mar 2, 2008 at 12:50 PM
This project does not seem to active at all, I posted messages about bugs I found and fixed in the editor a week ago with no response.
As far as the code editor goes it's just the compona control with a few bug fixes, so the documentation from that control is relevant.

Also if I where you I would use the original Syntaxbox control from here:

Here is the quick start quide for SyntaxBox:

I have seriously considered taking the syntaxbox code and forking a new project here on codeplex that is just the editor control, not all wrapped up in some stupid framework, where it cannot get the attention it needs.
Mar 3, 2008 at 6:00 PM

I think your criticism is perhaps a touch harsh. I too would prefer the code editor outside of the framework, but it's clear to me a lot of work has gone into the framework and there's been a great deal of work on this project both by looking at the updates to the source code here and the statistics history from sourceforge before the project was relocated here.

Also, keep in mind the authors aren't getting paid.

I think the framework has a lot of potential, but I think it also needs a good deal of work to make it more consistent. I think at this point, more time should be spent on improving the quality of what's already in the framework instead of continually adding new stuff. But that's just my opinion.

For example, I think that instead of including the entire SharpZipLib in the framework, that they ought to keep it separate. It adds a great deal of bloat to include all that code just to add a small wrapper class. It also doesn't allow the user to update with new versions of SharpZipLib until the framework authors have updated the framework. That adds maintenance headaches for them and it can be a problem for users.

But I do thank you for the additional information about the SyntaxBox stuff. I'll take a look at it. That may be a more appropriate way for me to use it since I can't justify including the entire framework in my app at this time.